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Chapter 4 by Rebecca Steel

Since leaving the apartment, Adi had resumed taking control of Nadia, gripping firmly onto her forearm. "You almost blew that one cus, bad move." He pushed her along in haste, heading in the direction of the apartment to the left of Nadia's. 


A glow shone under the door frame; someone was inside. Adi unlocked the door, poked his head around the doorway and began surveying the room. "Ken it's you, thank God," he dragged Nadia inside and threw her to the ground, "someone tipped Nadia off about the apartment. I thought I would try and get her off our case by showing her the room, but someone had already begun moving people inside. I hate saying it, as she is my cousin, but we have to do something."

Ken squinted his eyes and stared at Adi for a good minute before responding, "You're an idiot Adi; it looks like you have already drugged the girl, what do you want me to do with her; add her to the experiment, kill her….. I dunno you tell me, man". 

Adi knew he had to make a decision but damn, who knew it was going to be this tough. Adi put his head down and murmured "Add her to the experiment." He took one last look at Nadia, shook his head and walked in the direction of the front door. Just as he reached for the handle, he heard a familiar voice calling out in the hallway. "Nadia just open the door, we need to talk. It is me, Nadia, It's Tara. Nadia you're scaring me, answer the God damn door."

Adi paused, turned his head towards Ken and suggested that he come to the door. "This chick is persistent. She is Nadia's best friend, and she knows something is up. I don't think I'm going to be able to get rid of her that easily.” Adi put his hands to his head and assumed a stressed pose. "The last thing we want is cops or bloody drones circling in on the project." 

Ken didn't need to say anything. He knew he was grabbing both girls. He walked back toward his briefcase, pulled out a syringe and a vial of an unlabeled liquid. He drew up 10mls of the liquid, walked straight up to the door, eased Adi to his left, propped open the door and began walking calmly up to Tara. "Hi, I'm Ken, you looking for Nadia?.” Tara paused and stared at the tall, muscular man; a million thoughts began running through her head. Mainly how the hell does this guy know Nadia?! Tara replied, "Yeah, you seen her?"  Ken pointed towards the door to the left. "She is in there; you're welcome to head on in." Tara's spidey senses began kicking in, and she knew something was very wrong here.  With a slight quiver in her voice, she responded to Ken "Um, nah it's ok she can call me when she's done. I've um…… I've left something in the oven. I better go…. But uh, thanks." 

Tara turned to walk away. In the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse on Ken's arm reaching out towards her. As she began to run, Ken stabbed the needle into her arm with his left hand and began pulling her to a holt with his right.  Tara fell to the ground.

Ken scooped Tara up, looked around to make sure no one had seen them and calmly carried her back to the apartment. Ken lay Tara on the couch, turned to Adi and said, "For a smart guy, you are the biggest screw up I know, you better get your shit together before word spreads to the boss."

Adi acknowledged Ken with a bow of the head, took another look at Nadia laying in the corner of the room, and then proceeded to leave the apartment. Adi pulled his phone from his pocket and began dialing 555-974-6787.

About the author:
Bec is a 29-year-old self-proclaimed workaholic. She currently resides in rural Australia and works as a Nurse and Volunteer Ambulance Community Officer. When Bec is not working, she loves spending time at the beach, playing with the furbabies, studying and, traveling the world. She is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Paramedicine.
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